practicum (‘prak-ti-k’m) The word practicum indicates that education should be practical. It points to the acquisition and mastery of knowledge in a manner that is useful and effective. It derives from the Latin practicus, a noun which means “one who practices or takes action.”

Are you new to homeschooling and feeling IMG_4546overwhelmed? We want to help you succeed in your home education mission. Join us this summer as experienced homeschoolers present three-day training sessions for parents. Rather than taking a well-deserved break from school and all things educational, these experienced homeschoolers begin to travel across their regions and around the country to present three-day training sessions to reinforce the classical, Christian model.

Are you new to classical education? Our morning sessions will unpack the classical, Christian model and allow you to practice skills for learning alongside your children at home. Afternoon sessions will go in depth with particular subjects. In both sessions, parents will have opportunities to discuss new ideas and to practice their new-found skills.

IMG_4512Are you discouraged with your home school? Or, do you feel you could encourage others? In addition to providing a place to practice the teaching tools, our FREE one-day and three-day Parent Practicums equip our families across the nation each year with the encouragement and camaraderie they need to teach their children well. Each practicum is a place to connect, to question, to celebrate both failure and success, and to gain confidence in our ability to use the classical model to learn and to teach our children any subject.

In 2013, Classical Conversations hosted hundreds of FREE training events for over 15,000 adults who wanted to learn more about teaching grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric skills to their students.

Join us for 2014! These events are free for parents, but registration is required. For dates and locations of Parent Practicums in your area, go to www.ClassicalConversations.com and click on the Event Calendar.